Caption contest winner (December 2017)

Congratulations to Joe Todaro for winning FFRF’s caption contest from the November issue.

The winning caption is: “It looks like our prayers have been answered.

The top runners-up, in no particular order, are:

• I pity the poor bastard who had to deliver the eulogy. — Wayne Stafford

• This is why we haven’t heard from God in 2,000 years. — Robert Kerr

And these two, which are similar:

• So, Nietzsche was right! — Tom Drolsum

• I always thought that Nietzsche quote was metaphorical. — Jacob Dowd

Thanks to all who participated. We will have another contest in an upcoming issue. If you have any non-copyright-protected images (most likely that you took yourself) that you think would be good for a caption contest, please send them to

Illustration by Kati Treu