Photos, cartoons (October 2020)

Photos, cartoons (September 2020)

FFRF’s caption contest


Caption contest

o enter this month’s contest, please write a witty or humorous caption for this photo (taken outside a gun shop in El Paso, Texas). Email your response to [email protected] by Sept. 16. The winner, chosen by FFRF staff, will receive an FFRF T-shirt! We will announce the winner and runners-up in the October issue. If you’ve taken any photos that you think would be good for this contest, send them to [email protected].

Photos, cartoons (August 2020)

Caption contest winner

Congratulations to Derek Mathias of California for winning the June/July caption contest. Derek wins an FFRF T-shirt.

The winning entry is: Pugnacious Pastor Pelc, the plastic pistol-packing priest, painlessly pelts pandemic-panicked parishioners with pure papal-pleasing precipitation, proving positively that pumped potable projectiles in public places is as preposterously pointless as pious prayer in pews.

Runners-up are: Well, so much for “. . . putting away childish things” (1 Cor.13:11). — Thomas Drolsum of Wisconsin

Let us spray. — A.F. Ortiz Jr. of Florida

The sacramental wine is now available to all communicants who caught the consecrated host delivered via slingshot. — Dana Diedrich of Idaho

If you’ve taken any photos that you think would be good for this contest, please email them to [email protected].

Caption contest

Where do you ‘Freethought’?

The Iddons

Lifetime Members George and Julie Iddon catch up on their Freethought Today reading out in the Arizona desert while doing social distancing and a 14-day self-quarantine. “A couple we met out in the desert were very interested in FFRF and its work, so we gifted them a copy of Freethought Today and an annual membership,” the Iddons write. “Their permanent home is in Milwaukee and they were unaware FFRF was located in Madison. While in Arizona, we drove down to Oro Valley and met up with Diane and Steve Uhl, author of Out of God’s Closet, and had an enjoyable lunch.”

Former churches with better missions

FFRF’s pet project

FFRF knows it’s a scary and unpredictable world out there right now, and while we continue to fight for your rights, we also hope to bring a smile to your face. So here is a look at the variety of pets of FFRF staff members, who are keeping us company as we shelter in place and work from home. We hope you enjoy. Stay safe, friends!

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