Crankmail (August 2018)

Here is our latest installment of mail we receive that isn’t on the high end of the intelligence spectrum, printed as received.

Your religion: Evolution is Your religion, you believe you came from evolution, everyone else believe they came from their God. Your god is evolution, because you put your faith and belief in evolution, just like all other religions who put their their faith and belief in their God, you are no different. Every religion thinks that theirs is right, just like you think yours is. Now every other religion knows there are two planes the natural and the spiritual. but you believe that everything came by natural selection and there is no God in that process. But let me ask you about the christian bible, there are prophecies in the bible that was prophesied thousands of years ago about things that are taking place today as we speak with accuracy  they are  happening right in front of our eyes. These prophecies facinates me its like reading future news, and anyone who tries to doubt these prophecies are very dishonest and has probably evolved into a jackass and dont have a clue as to whats happening in the world today. So how come the christian bible knows so much about the future, even you athiests are mentioned in the bible thousands of years before you evolve from ape to Atheist and its not good news for you. Maybe there is a God after all,  the Intelligent designer. — Peter Mollah

No more atheism: “Science Falsifies Atheism”. The creator & supreme ruler God is what scientists call the laws of nature & forces of physics. From launching the big bang creation and orchestrating Darwinian evolution, to sustaining & governing the cosmos, the laws of nature calibrate the reality that the forces of physics achieve to actualize all past, present & future reality itself, RIP atheism. — Roedy Green

Re:Free Thought: It has become not only obvious but aggregious that the godless in the name of ‘free thought’ seek to dictate the thoughts and print of others. Where does ffrf get off telling anyone, whether gov’t or cviliaan what or when they can speak or put in print? Hypocrites to the enth degree! Pay attention as Creator of heaven and earth makes storms on the sun, shaking the foundations of the earth with earthqukes, causing volcanoes to erupt with hot rocks and fire. Sending storms, floods, wind, and hail to punish the wicked and godless. If you do not want salvation that is your business, but those who thwart others the LORD himself will thwart. ‘Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? Taking counsel together against the LORD and his anointed. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh, the LORD shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak to them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.’ — Anton Jackson

God is inside!: Your project trying to tear apart communities, trying to take our faith from us, doesn’t put a damper on our beliefs. God is within us. He knows our needs. No matter how much you push communities around with your authoritative ways, you will not take God away from us.

You don’t want to pray? Then don’t. No one is forcing you to pray. Cause you my friend in our community are very much a minority. God knows who is faithful and who will be richly rewarded in Heaven. That’s all I need. Good luck to the people of this foundation. We pray for our enemies and those who persecute us. Why? Because God is love! Therefore we must love others. We will not be shaken. It’s too late, God is inside! — Kimberly Meyers

Crazy: Hi y’all crazy for thinkin the way you do lmao you think the world just popped outta nowhere k bye — Blake Pottsfield Jr.