Crankmail (Jan/Feb 2022)

Welcome to a fresh new year of some of the odd mail we receive at FFRF. Some of it comes from emails, others from social media. Printed as received. 

GIVE UP THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS: I am DISGUSTED by you dumb FFRF radical liberals and your annual War on Christmas! Every year you pull this shit. We could just say MERRY CHRISTMAS like we’ve done for thousands of years, but instead you just want to say Happy Allah-Days. You think you can CANCEL Santa. You think you can CANCEL Jesus. You muslim aitheists are working towards Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s COMMUNIST dreams and just think you can CANCEL everything. But I’m gonna bring the cancel culture train to the FFRF station. It’s called HELL, where you get cancelled for ALL ETERNITY, when you die alone and sad because nobody likes you lol!!!! We’re saying Merry Christmas again in this country, and NOBODY will listen to you libtards saying Happy Allah-Days! — Jim Burns 

Let’s Go Brandon: LET’S GO BRANDON, YOU MOTHER FUCKERS! — Shane Thomas 

Answer this: Wow, you really know how to spend your life wasting time. Perhaps you ought to ask yourself this one simple question: “Why am I so intimidated by religion?” Why have you allowed this fear to completely take over your life? Work on answering that question and then perhaps you can lead a more productive life. — Margaret Plancher

No evidence: But athiests have a faith because they believe that every thing came about from a single cell   there is no evidence for This alleged cell.every alleged discovery is a house of cards that falls down.because athiest are not able to tell us where the single cell came from.arhiest magic trick now you don’t see it now you do — Anthony Higgins

Believe it: So, is there a life after death? When we die do we just end and are no more? There’s a feeling inside my being that there is an after life. I believe the King James Bible contains all the information my eternal soul needs to live in this world and my life in the world to come. You should too. — Jimmy Ray

God is great!: I am a believer of Yeshua! I wouldn’t be alive today without GOD! I had a daughter that was stricken with a terminal brain tumor and I got angry with him but I never didn’t deny him as my GOD. He is in my heart and forever he will stay. I will NEVER give up my GOD! I CANT GO ONE DAY OR HOUR WITHOUT HIM. — Margo Susanna Tovar

God is real: Atheism Is a religion look it up! I would never say that there is no GOD, never! — Barry Redfern

No atheists; Lmao no such thing as a atheist all of y’all are fake every single one of you believe in a deity because it is ignorant to deny one based on the fact we are crated by design 5 finger 5 toes ever animal after it’s kind we never evolved that’s been disproven since we have over 10,000 years of history records and nothing evolved — Daniel Straithairn

Beware of hell: You may noy be afraid to “ burn in hell” now as you quoted on tv but you cant erase the fact that there is a hell. If you refuse to believe in Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, your sending yourself to hell. God gives you the free gift, you either take it……or leave it, seems you have made your choice, but i do pray you change your mind one day, you really think your here by chance, theres nothing after, then why do you have emotions, love? God is love, not goop you think we may have grown from, think about it, your soul depends on it, God bless you. — Kelly Engelhart

Satan has you: You all are in the Antichrist as foretold. You are fulfilling what God said would happen. When I look at your faces all I see is evil like Satan your Father full of blasphemy. Faces like this will never be in Heaven and you know that. You laugh and scoff to what God already said you would so your preaching for Satan is no surprise. So keep preaching death to life and death will take you away and you will be the ones with great surprise. Your hearts are hardened to the truth to all I say or God’s Word say will just bounce off. I hate Satan for deceiving you. Satan don’t care if you believe in him or not, just as long as you treasure to preach death. — Jeff Robinson