FFRF welcomes 22 new Lifers

FFRF welcomes and thanks our 22 new Lifetime Members, our two new After-Life Members and seven new Immortals.

Our two new $5,000 After-Life Members are Jeff Green and John Smail.

The new $1,000 Lifetime Members are Darrin Alber, Mark Asplund, James R. Baxter, Daniel Carr, Deb Crowell, Ellen Dudley, Terry D. Echols, Aaron Ferguson, Jonathan Flom, Sheila Green, Joseph R. Gruendler, Mihir Kotwal, Loren Kropat, Marc Latou, Vicki Marshall, Virginia Massa (gift from Kenneth Fahrenholtz), Gerlinde Nattier, Julie Olsen, Frank J. Peter, Dominic Stiller, Don Terry and Timothy Ross Thomas.

States represented are: Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Our seven Immortals are Bryan and Dianne Benjamin, Jeff and Jill Dean, James Haught, David Salyer and Barry Solof. The Immortals category is a donation designation for those members who have contacted FFRF to report they have made provisions for FFRF in their estate planning.