Freethought books (April 2021)

Humankind’s Best and Worst Concepts
The Truth Shall Make You Free

The following books are by FFRF members on the topics of religion or freethinking. FFRF does not do book reviews. These books are not offered through

The Truth Shall Make You Free: How an All-American, Southern Boy and Preacher Became an Atheist

By Samuel W. Whitehead

$7.20 (Kindle)

$7.96 (Paperback)

Sam Whitehead was raised in a strict religious family and was a teenage preacher. At age 22, he began a 40-year quest of research and reflection to prove that his faith was the one “true” religion and that God was real. He reluctantly came to the conclusion that there is no God and that no religion is true. Staunch believers in God and readers who are trying to find their own truth will find Sam’s journey compelling. This serious work challenges believers to live up to their creed and reflects the humor in many situations along the way.

A Discussion of Humankind’s Best and Worst Concept: Reason, Belief, Faith, Religion and Science

By Kenneth Stueben

Paperback $14.99

Kindle $2.99

How do each of us come to believe what makes up our store of knowledge? What’s real or true and what’s not and why the difference is critically important to humankind. It progresses from mythological creation myths and superstitions to “New Age” beliefs to a summary of the countless gods of the past and then examines some of the religions that are common today. The author also discusses the bible, prayer and miracles, marriage, abortion, contraception and homosexuality. The benefits and down

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

sides of religion are discussed and that leads to another question­ — Would the world be better without religion?

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

By Graham Sale

Paperback $19.99

A collection of cartoons on God and religion by Pulitzer Prize-nominated cartoonist Graham Sale. His cartoons and illustrations have appeared in newspapers (including Freethought Today), magazines, advertising, books, clothing and other products around the world.