Join FFRF’s ‘Out of the Closet’ virtual billboard campaign

Declare and share your nonbelief! Although the nonreligious — nearly one in four U.S. citizens — are a significant segment of the world population, many Americans have never knowingly met a nonbeliever. You can help dispel myths, educate and promote reason by  adding your voice, face and message to FFRF’s friendly neighborhood freethinker campaign.

FFRF’s “Out of the Closet” billboards and bus signs are going up around the country. Although we can’t put everyone on a real billboard, every nonbeliever can participate in this unique “cyberboard” campaign by going to (Yours might even be chosen, with your permission, for an actual billboard.)

This is your chance to proclaim you’re a freethinker and why. It’s working for the gay rights movement. Now it’s time for atheists and agnostics to come out of our closet. Many faces make Enlightenment work.

To be most effective, keep your statement succinct. Participants may wish to coin a quotable quote about religion that you’d like to see on a real bus sign or advertisement, or to make an affirmative statement about being a freethinker. We encourage you to really “come out of the closet” and use your full name. Your “Out of the Closet” statement can become your Facebook or Twitter image, or even your banner.  You can include things such as age, title, occupation, location or description for a personal touch.

Out of the Closet