Overheard (August 2018)

Drawing from a conservative Christian worldview, these groups critically interrogate media messages in the same way they approach the bible.

Francesca Tripodi, a researcher at Data & Society, who authored a report on how conservatives interpret news using “scriptural inference.”

Columbia Journalism Review, 6-25-18

I remember when I was 7, making crucial decisions about the person I was going to be. That’s also the age when I figured out that, oh, someday I’m going to die, and the age when I decided I couldn’t believe in God. I’ve never been as intelligent as I was at 7.

Author Anne Tyler

New York Times, 7-6-18 

Conservatives want to reserve the right to use religion as a weapon, to control other people’s bodies and to judge some people as less worthy of full participation in the American experience because of whom they love, how they identify, where they are from or which God they worship.

Charles Blow, newspaper columnist, in “Trump remakes America.”

New York Times, 6-28-18