FFRF condemns religious attack on Planned Parenthood funding

FFRF is condemning the Trump administration’s move to strip millions from important health care providers for disadvantaged women.

The administration is considering rewriting the rules of Title X, which is a federal program that pays for birth control and preventative health. Congress passed it unanimously in 1970 to help low-income families access affordable family planning services. That is the population the program currently serves.

The Trump administration will push for a new rule that, according to reports, will require a “physical as well as financial separation” between any entity that provides abortions and one that receives taxpayer funds. There’s no doubt this is intended to cripple Planned Parenthood, even though 97 percent of its services are unrelated to abortion.

Taxpayer-funded abortion is already prohibited by the Hyde Amendment, which was passed three years after Roe v. Wade.

So defunding Planned Parenthood will not stop the already non-existent taxpayer-funded abortions, but will instead hurt the low income, the young, minorities and women.

President Trump’s attacks on women’s right to choose are about one thing: shoring up his religious base.

In January, Trump spoke to the March for Life. Trump addressed the group via video, the first sitting president to do so. Pence attended in person the previous year, the first time a vice president has ever done so. Pence also promised to end “taxpayer funding for abortion and abortion providers.” And he mentioned his god on four separate occasions.

Trump, not to be outdone, mentioned his god five times. He also mentioned an executive order on religious freedom that FFRF sued him over, forcing his lawyers to admit to a court of law that the order was meaningless.

A supporter of Planned Parenthood holds up a sign.