FFRF’s NY Times ad tweaks Trump

FFRF’s ad taken out in The New York Times.

FFRF placed a full-page ad in The New York Times on Dec. 21, chastising President Trump for his all-out assault on the First Amendment.

The light-hearted ad about Trump’s war on secular rights ran on the day of the Winter Solstice. “President Trump’s great big Christmas present to the Religious Right . . . is a great big war on the separation of church and state,” the ad states.

Pictured under that headline are four fat stockings, labeled “Religious Vouchers,” “Cabinet Zealots,” “Church Politicking” and “Stacked Judiciary,” stuffed with cash, crosses and gifts. Underneath them are miniature stockings, each with a piece of coal, with greeting cards addressed to “Women’s Rights,” “LGBT,” “Planned Parenthood,” “Muslim Immigrants” and “Civil Liberties.”

To view a larger version of the ad, see the wrap that this issue of Freethought Today arrived in.

The ad is partly a response to Trump’s “Merry Christmas” campaign. “There’s no ‘war on Christmas,’” remarks Annie Laurie Gaylor, FFRF co-founder. “That’s Fox News’ phony construct. But there most definitely is a concerted war on the First Amendment’s cherished principle of separation between government and religion.”

FFRF Co-President Dan Barker says, “While we kept the tone of our message light, we don’t minimize the grave harm already inflicted on America’s wall of separation between church and state.” Barker cites as an example Trump’s executive order pertaining to so-called religious freedom, which Attorney General Jeff Sessions has turned into a weapon to use against civil liberties and secular government.

In the coming year, FFRF expects to be battling campaigns to fund vouchers for religiously segregated schools at the expense of secular public schools, resisting further attempts to repeal the Johnson Amendment that bars church politicking and combating additional nominations of right-wing zealots to lifetime appointments on the federal judiciary.