Project Blitz playbook

The Project Blitz model bills are grouped into three categories according to the degree of opposition they anticipate, with 1 being the least.

Category 1

Legislation Regarding Our Religious Heritage

National Motto Display Act: “An act providing for display of the national motto, ‘In God We Trust,’ in public buildings and on license plates.”

Civic Literacy Act: “An act providing for instruction in the content and meaning of the documents that form the foundation of our country’s constitutional republic.” Requires school boards to teach selected founding documents and to allow the posting of others in secondary schools.

Bible Literacy Act: Allows for the teaching of the bible as an elective course in public schools.

Religion in Legal History Act: “Endorses a uniform, sound, distinct and appropriate presentation of the story of the role of religion in the constitutional history of the United States and this state, which may be publicly displayed in courthouses and other state and local buildings throughout this state.”

Category 2

Resolutions and Proclamations Recognizing the Importance of Religious History and Freedom

Proclamation Recognizing Religious Freedom Day: Suggests elements that might be included in an RFD proclamation.

Children and adults stand for the Pledge of Allegiance during the launch of the Texas Prayer Caucus in February 2017. (Photo courtesy of Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation)

Proclamation Recognizing Christian Heritage Week: Lists items for inclusion in such a proclamation, based on proclamations in various states.

Proclamation Recognizing the Importance of the Bible in History: Lists items for possible inclusion.

Proclamation Recognizing the Year of the Bible: Lists items for possible inclusion.

Proclamation Recognizing Christmas Day: Lists items for possible inclusion.

Category 3

Religious Liberty Protection Legislation

Public Policy Resolutions

Resolution Establishing Public Policy Favoring Intimate Sexual Relations Only Between Married, Heterosexual Couples: Resolves “that the public policy of this state supports and encourages marriage between one man and one woman and the desirability that intimate sexual relations only take place between such couples.”

Resolution Establishing Public Policy Favoring Reliance on and Maintenance of Birth Gender: Resolves “that the public policy of this state supports and encourages maintenance of the birth gender of its citizens.” This a bill aimed at discouraging or limiting recognition of transgender people.

Resolution Establishing Public Policy Favoring Adoption by Intact Heterosexual, Marriage-based Families: Aimed at discouraging adoption by same-sex couples.

Protection for Professionals and Individuals

Protection for Professionals and Individuals Marriage Tolerance Act (aka First Amendment Defense Act): “An act to prohibit discriminatory action against a person who believes, speaks or acts in accordance with a sincerely held religious belief that marriage is or should be recognized as the union of one man and one woman or that sexual relations are properly reserved to such marriage.”

Preserving Religious Freedom Act (aka Religious Freedom Restoration Act or “state RFRA”): “This act is intended to ensure that this state applies at least the same level of religious liberty protections applied at the federal level in order to ensure that state and local governmental entities will not restrict a person’s free exercise rights more than the federal government.” The model bill is similar to bill already on the books in several states.

Child Protection Act: Seeks to allow religious exemptions for adoption and foster care agencies in serving same sex couples.

Clergy Protection Act: Allows clergy and religious organizations not to participate in marriage of which they disapprove.

Licensed Professional Civil Rights Act: “An act prohibiting discrimination by any individual or organization against an applicant for, or a holder of, an occupational license, due to the professional’s or potential professional’s sincerely held religious beliefs.” Would provide religious exemptions for such professionals as pharmacists, medical personnel and mental health practitioners from providing care to LGBTQ people, and on such matters as abortion and contraception.

Protection for Teachers and Students

Student Prayer Certification Act: “An act providing for certain reporting and certifications by the state board of education and local school districts to comply with federal law.” States are required to certify that they are not preventing students from engaging in constitutionally protected prayer. This bill sets up a mechanism for how to implement.

Teacher Protection Act: Provides for state legal assistance if teachers or schools are sued over official religious practices.

Preserving Religious Freedom in School Act: Provides for legal protection for a variety of religious expressions and activities.