Black Collar Crime (March 2018)

Compiled by Bill Dunn

Arrested / Charged

Matthew J. Jacobson, 30, Linton, IN: Child seduction. Jacobson, a youth pastor at Bethel Baptist Church, allegedly kissed the juvenile victim while they danced in their underwear before a phone call from his wife interrupted them. Source: Daily World, 1-29-18

Brian Cassidy, 33, Park Hills, MO: Statutory rape and child molestation. Cassidy, youth pastor at First Baptist Church, is accused of having sex twice with a teen girl, once at the church and once in a field near her home. She alleged that inappropriate contact with Cassidy, who is married, started shortly after she turned 13. Source: Daily Journal, 1-27-18

Gregory Parlante, 61, Philadelphia: Possession of a controlled substance, use or possession of drug paraphernalia and theft by unlawful taking. Parlante, pastor at St. Cornelius Catholic Parish, was on long-term medical leave when maintenance staff opened a package addressed to him and found what was identified as methamphetamine.

According to the affidavit, a church volunteer alleged she saw him remove about $500 in cash from each Sunday collection from January of 2017 until his leave of absence in March 2017 ($5,500 total). Parlante reportedly told the volunteer he needed the money “for payment to substitute priests and altar boys.” His salary was $27,215 in 2016. Source: Daily Times, 1-26-18

Richard A. Taylor, 69, Columbia, SC: Criminal sexual conduct and common law assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature. Taylor was a youth pastor at Dutch Fork Baptist Church when he allegedly assaulted a boy on multiple occasions between 1989-91, starting when he was 15.

“Meeting my emotional and psychological needs that I wasn’t getting at home or through my social group of friends and he provided love, support, attention, gifts — that eventually came at the cost of fondling, mutual sexual acts and then rape,” the boy told a reporter. Source: WIS-TV, 1-24-18

Jeffrey Eisenbath, 28, Troy, MO: Invasion of property, invasion of privacy and possession of child pornography. Eisenbath, who volunteered as a children’s religious education teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, is accused of installing secret recording devices in bathrooms at the church and at the Adrenaline Zone amusement center where he worked. Source: Post-Dispatch, 1-24-18

Luis CruzCruz, 24, Fremont, CA: Sending harmful matter to a minor. CruzCruz, a youth pastor at Adventista del Séptimo día, allegedly sent multiple sexually explicit images via social media to a 13-year-old girl who attended the Seventh-day Adventist church. Source: KNTV, 1-22-18

David Turpin, 57, and Louise Turpin, 49, Perris, CA: Torture and child endangerment. The Turpins are charged with long-term abuse of their 13 children, ages 2 to 29. The children were home-schooled and kept secluded in filthy conditions, sometimes in shackles. One daughter, 17, escaped and called 911. Police said she was emaciated and appeared to be about 10 years old.

David Turpin’s parents told authorities the couple had so many children because “God called on them” to do so. The grandparents said the Turpins were Pentecostal but didn’t have a church in the area and that their children were made to memorize long bible passages as part of their schooling. David Turpin is listed as school principal. Source: ABC News, 1-16-18

John Bishop, 54, San Diego: Unlawful importation of a controlled substance. Bishop, former lead pastor of Living Hope Church in Vancouver, BC, is accused of trying to smuggle 282 pounds of marijuana from Mexico into San Ysidro, CA, in a Volkswagen Jetta.

Bishop and his former wife started Living Hope in 1996. It grew into a congregation of thousands. He resigned as pastor in 2015 due to allegations of moral indiscretions. Source: The Columbian, 1-16-18

An unidentified priest from Ngonda Catholic Parish in Kenya was arrested for allegedly sodomizing a church member. A police report said he was found in bed with the boy. Reports conflict whether he is 17 or 18.

Police acted on a tip from people who had been monitoring the priest’s activities. Source: Daily Nation, 1-16-18

Gerardo Custodio Jr., 30, Ontario, CA: Lewd acts with a minor and unspecified “additional charges involving both victims.” Custodio is a youth pastor at La Familia de Dios, where his father is senior pastor.

Two women allege they were molested by Custodio on church property when they were 14 and 15 years old between 2012 and 2015. Source: KNBC, 1-15-18

An unidentified imam at a mosque in Blackburn, UK, was arrested on suspicion of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity after allegedly trying to meet a 15-year-old boy for sex and offering him money on a gay dating app.

The imam, 45, a married father of 5, was accosted by a group called “Justice Will Be Served.” A video shows him telling them he could be killed by Muslims for engaging in homosexual acts. The mosque has suspended him. Source: Daily Mail, 1-12-18

Nashimen McKinnon, 30, Hope Mills, NC: 3 counts of indecent liberties with a child. McKinnon, a youth leader at Antioch Bible Fellowship, told a deputy he “touched a child five to six months ago,” according to a sheriff’s office press release. The report alleges he touched a girl sexually outside her clothes at a sleepover at his home in July and at least 2 other times at church events. He is married. Source: News & Observer, 1-11-18

Robert Harris, 30, Overland Park, KS: 1st-degree murder. Harris, an elder at Repairers Kansas City, is charged with the strangulation death of his wife, Tanisha Harris, 38, who was associate pastor at the church.

Police had answered a domestic disturbance call at their home but Robert Harris was there alone. He later called to report his wife was missing. They each had a daughter from previous marriages. Source: Kansas City Star, 1-10-18

Jesse Claybon, 47, St. Louis: 4 counts of child molestation. Clayton, pastor of New Age Missionary Baptist Church, allegedly abused a minor girl multiple times in 2017, including fondling her genitals outside her clothing and having her fondle his. Source: Riverfront Times, 1-10-18

Glenn T. Collins, 51, Fayetteville, NC: 128 sex-related and child abuse counts, including rape and sexual battery. Collins, former pastor at an unidentified church, is accused of assaults on 4 children between 1996 and 2009.

He denied the charges at a court hearing: “I own property. I’m a pillar of the community and I don’t deserve this.” Source: Fayetteville Observer, 1-9-18

Robert J. Batcho, 60, Elmira Heights, NY: 4 counts of unlawfully dealing with a child. Batcho, pastor at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church, allegedly provided beer in May 2017 to 4 teens under the age of 21. Source: WENY, 1-9-18

Gerald R. Hechenberger, 54, Mascoutah, IL: 8 counts of possession and dissemination of child pornography and possession of methamphetamine. Hechenberger, associate pastor at Holy Childhood Catholic Church, was arrested after a search of the church rectory following a tip.

Court documents allege he used an email address with the prefix “subpigboy4u” to exchange images. One message stated: “Hello u gorgeous hot stud! Here are some pix u will enjoy i hope … oink!” Source: News-Democrat, 1-8-18

Peter M. Waters, 72, Melbourne, Australia: 20 sex offenses involving 6 children and allegedly committed between 1974 and 1987 before he retired as a Catholic priest. Source:, 1-8-18

Benji Silverstone, 40, Manchester, UK: Suspicion of conspiracy to defraud. Silverstone, a rabbi and head of the investment company HBFS Wealth Management’s Manchester office, previously worked as the Manchester director of the Orthodox Jewish outreach group Aish HaTorah.

Also charged is Freddy David, HBFS Wealth Management’s managing director. Source: Jewish Chronicle, 12-28-17

Muhammad L. Hasan, 50, Corvallis, OR: 3rd-degree sex abuse and 6 counts of 1st-degree sex abuse. Hasan operates the American Islamic Center for the Holy Quran, which teaches recitation and memorization of the Quran.

He’s accused of conduct with 2 girls under age 14, allegedly involving kissing and breast fondling. Source: Beaverton Patch, 12-26-17

Nancy L. Brann, 43, Windsor, ME: Gross sexual assault and unlawful sexual contact. Brann, who taught at Coastal Christian School in Waldoboro, is accused of an alleged encounter with a student younger than 14 in the fall of 2016. Source: Kennebec Journal, 12-22-17

Ryan Crawford, 32, Pineville, MO: 6 counts of child molestation for alleged sexual misconduct with a child younger than 15. According to court records, Crawford told investigators he would “feel [the girl’s] groin area.” He’s associate pastor at First Baptist Church and his wife works in the youth ministry.

“Ryan also stated to me that he would watch ‘porn then go to [the girl’s] bedroom and masturbate into a sock,” an investigator wrote. Source: KOAM, 12-21-17

Owen Robertson, 53, Easley, SC: 9 counts of sexual exploitation of a child. Robertson, minister of education at First Baptist Church, allegedly had child pornography on a church computer and a personal computer.

Milt Ponder, head of deacons, said the church is distressed over the allegations and is praying for God’s strength and protection for Robertson’s family. Source: WYFF, 12-20-17

Wesley I. Lamb, 28, Belton, MO: 2 counts of statutory rape. Lamb, associate pastor at Belton Assembly of God, is charged with having sexual encounters with a 14-year-old girl who came to him for counseling.

An affidavit said Lamb’s wife found them in the couple’s bedroom and started yelling at Lamb. She later told police they were arguing about finances. A Facebook Messenger thread between Lamb and the girl allegedly went on for 66 pages and contained “very suggestive” language. Source: Kansas City Star, 12-19-17

Jaime Pinzon, 55, Queens, NY: 3rd-degree sex abuse and 2 counts of forcible touching. Pinzon, a deacon at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Parish, is charged with groping a 27-year-old woman’s crotch on a Manhattan subway in December. She was able to take his photo on her cellphone. Source: NY Post, 12-18-17

Andrea N. Baber, 29, Cottage Grove, OR: 3rd-degree rape, 3rd-degree sodomy, contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor, online sexual corruption of a minor and unlawful delivery of marijuana to a person under 18. Baber, a language and literature teacher at Logos Christian Academy, was arrested after the alleged victim’s father got an anonymous email in December that his son and Baber were in a relationship. Attached were photos of them in bed, the affidavit said.

The boy allegedly told deputies the relationship started in 2016 when he was 15 and progressed to having sex once or twice a week at her home. Baber’s husband also told police he had found incriminating evidence.

“Andrea has always felt called to work with youth and is very excited that God opened the door for her to be part of the Logos team,” her biography on the school’s website said. Source: Register-Guard, 12-19-17

Jeffery Daniels, 49, Antioch, IL: Conspiracy to commit sexual, physical and psychological abuse. Daniels and 3 other men are accused by Peruvian authorities in Lima of molesting boys and young men at Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, which trains lay people in the Catholic faith. Daniels is a native Peruvian who moved to Antioch in 2001 after allegations were first raised in 1997.

Daniels led boys ages 12 to 16 on mission trips and conducted bible studies and other group activities. Investigators pegged Daniels as “the most egregious” molester, accusing him of sexually abusing at least a dozen young males in his care between 1985-97. Source: Chicago Tribune, 12-15-17

Da’Qwone D. Hill, 22, Norfolk, VA: Attempted rape and indecent liberties with a child by a custodian. Hill, youth minister and choir director at Mt. Hermon Baptist Church, is charged with assaulting a boy between the ages of 13 and 17 who was a family friend. Source: WAVY, 12-12-17

Joseph Alexander, 60, Gretna, LA: 16 counts of bank fraud. Alexander, pastor at Franklin Avenue Church of Christ, is accused of stealing over $320,000 from church bank accounts from 2006-14. Source: Times-Picayune, 12-8-17

Pleaded / Convicted

Jordan D. Baird, 26, Warrenton, VA: Guilty by jury of 5 counts of indecent liberties with a minor by a custodian. Baird, a youth pastor at Life Church, was charged with repeatedly groping and propositioning a 16-year-old girl who worshipped at the Manassas church. Baird’s father is lead pastor.

The girl testified Baird repeatedly groped her at the church in 2015, including twice when he rubbed his genitals against her. Source:, 1-12-18

Michael Hands, 51, Greenwich, NY: Pleaded guilty to 2 counts of 3rd-degree criminal sex act. Hands, a Catholic priest who was defrocked after a conviction for sodomizing a 14-year-old boy in 2003, admitted he had sexual contact with a child younger than 17 in July. He met the victim online, according to District Attorney Karen Heggen. Source: Times Union, 1-6-18

Terry W. Millender, 53, and Brenda Millender, 57, Springfield, VA: Guilty by jury of multiple counts of wire fraud, money laundering and filing false tax returns. The Millenders, husband and wife, ran Victorious Life Church while recruiting investors in a $2 million Nigerian oil scheme.

Prosecutors said the couple recruited investors for companies they claimed provided small loans to poor people in developing countries and helped broker Nigerian oil deals. It’s alleged they used investor money to pay for golf trips, a birthday party and to help buy a $1.75 million home. Source: Time, 12-21-17

Fernando Maldonado, 37, Concord, CA: Guilty by jury of 23 counts of child molestation. Maldonado was pastor at Morello Avenue Baptist Church when he allegedly had sex with a teen, starting when she was 13 and continuing at Grace Bible Church in 2014. When the girl came forward to police, her statements were corroborated by semen samples found inside the church that matched his DNA.

Maldonado jumped bail after hearing the girl would testify and is thought to be hiding in Mexico. The trial continued without him. Six families who put up their homes to pay the $106,000 bond are now on the hook for his $1.295 million bail. Source: East Bay Times, 12-16-17


Oleh Zhownirovych, 54, Clifton, NJ: 11 months in prison and 6 months in the county jail, to be served consecutively after pleading no contest to aggravated battery and intentional harm and battery. Zhownirovych was pastor of Ukrainian Orthodox Holy Ascension Cathedral for 15 years but was asked to leave in 2015 due to a drinking problem.

In October 2016 he walked up to Monquisha Hill in a checkout line at a Walmart in Overland Park, KS, and started choking her 4-month-old daughter, who was in a shopping cart. A security guard stopped the attack and the girl wasn’t seriously hurt. Hill didn’t know him and no motive has ever been made public. Source:, 1-26-18

Michael Jenkins Sr., Helena, AR: 15 years in prison for rape and sexual grooming. Jenkins, pastor of Church of the Living God, was convicted for having sex in July 2016 with a girl, 15, who had come to his home to play basketball. The victim reported the rape 3 weeks later.

It’s alleged they had an ongoing “relationship” that included the married Jenkins paying her for favors. Source: Fox Memphis, 1-24-18

David R. Diehl, 40, Kentwood, MI: 60 days in jail, 5 years’ probation and 150 hours of community service after pleading guilty to accosting a child for immoral purposes. Diehl, pastor at Church on Fire in Grand Rapids, answered a Craigslist post about a fictitious man known as “Daddy Dave,” who was prostituting his daughters online. It was actually state police detective Matthew McLanin who put the item on Craigslist.

Diehl then texted “Daddy Dave” about the possibility of meeting his 11-year-old daughter. “Diehl admitted there was a strong possibility he would have met with Daddy Dave for the purpose of having sex with the 11-year-old girl if there was zero chance of Diehl being arrested by police or having to go to jail,” McLanin wrote in court documents.

“This case is not a reflection of who I am,” Diehl told the judge at sentencing. “All in all, I’m a good person, your honor.” Source: WOOD, 1-12-18

Prince Asiam, 55, East Hartford, CT: 17 years in prison and deportation to Ghana after completion of his sentence. A jury convicted Asiam, assistant pastor at Christian Fellowship Ministry, of sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor for molesting a 10-year-old girl.

The victim, now 17, suffered “horrific abuse” when she went to Asiam’s apartment to help him move, said prosecutor John Fahey. She testified Asiam pushed her on a bed and had sexual intercourse with her when she was in fifth grade. Source: Hartford Courant, 1-11-18

Larry M. Berkley, Harrison, AR: 32 years in prison after pleading guilty as a habitual offender to 11 counts of sexual assault in 2012-14. Prosecutor Chris Carter said Berkley, former pastor at Shiloh Baptist Church, walked around the house naked, watched pornography with young males and had sexual contact with them. Once he took some boys to a funeral home to look at a dead body.

Berkley is also sentenced to 35 years in Tennessee for rape, statutory rape and sexual battery. Source: Ozarks First, 1-11-18

Daniel Pye, 36, Ashdown, AR: 40 years in prison for 3 convictions of traveling in foreign commerce with the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual conduct with a minor. Pye was a Christian missionary who operated an orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti, from 2006-12 and was accused of molesting girls as young as 6.

Investigators also interviewed 4 alleged victims from Florida who said Pye assaulted them when they were between 5 and 7 years old between 1996-99. Source: KXAN, 1-11-18

Kay Olsen, 65, Providence, UT: 3 days in jail and 2 days of jail diversion after pleading guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery. Olsen, a Mormon stake executive secretary, “was just looking for someone to make [a work] assignment to” when he groped a girl at church more than once, said prosecutor Spencer Walsh. “It is not the most egregious sex crime ever, but it is still upsetting.”

Another count was dismissed in a plea bargain. Source: State Journal, 1-10-18

Noah Njegovan, 34, Brandon, Manitoba: 22-month conditional sentence [house arrest] after pleading guilty to theft and fraud of over $5,000. Njegovan, an Anglican archdeacon, admitted using a church credit card for nearly $200,000 in private purchases from 2010-12. The Diocese of Brandon said in a statement that Njegovan has paid back $192,000. Source: CBC News, 1-9-18

Eddie Hilburn, 52, The Woodlands, TX: 1-year deferred adjudication of sentence if he completes probation after pleading guilty to paying an undercover officer $80 to have sex in July 2017. A married father of 3, he resigned as associate pastor at First Baptist Church soon after being charged. Source: Daily Mail, 1-8-18

William Dombrow, 78, Darby Borough, PA: 8 months’ incarceration and $533,258 restitution after pleading guilty to 5 counts of wire fraud. Dombrow, rector at Villa St. Joseph, a retirement home for Catholic priests, told the court that a gambling addiction led him to siphon money for 9 years from parishioners’ bequests and insurance payouts from priests who had died at the home. Source:, 1-3-18

Samuel J. Kee, 41, Lake Zurich, IL: 2 years’ probation, child sex offender registration, 200 hours of community service, internet restrictions and no contact with minors after pleading guilty to criminal sexual abuse for sexual contact with a 16-year-old girl in 2014.

Kee was pastor of teaching and discipleship at North Suburban Evangelical Free Church when he was charged. The girl was a member of the congregation. Source: News-Sun, 12-28-17

Stephanie Everett, 43, Troutville, VA: 2 years in prison on convictions for credit card fraud, theft and embezzlement. Everett, treasurer at Cave Rock Baptist Church, stole over $99,000 from the church over a 5-year period.

Until changing her story, Everett blamed the shortfall on a poor system of financial oversight and unclear directions on how church money should be spent. Source: Roanoke Times, 12-20-17

Robert Marsicek, 76, Wauwatosa, WI: 1 year in jail after pleading guilty to misdemeanor sexual assault after 3 felony counts of sexual assault of a child were dropped. Marsicek was originally charged with molesting a girl from 2007-10, starting when she was in 1st grade and he was a priest at St. Pius Catholic Parish. He was removed from ministry in 2013.

The victim, now 16, told the court she didn’t agree with the plea bargain. “I would love to see him spend the rest of his life in jail. I was told that he wouldn’t [re-offend] because he’s ‘too old,’ but why should I care about his age when he didn’t care about mine?” Source: Journal Sentinel, 12-16-17

Robert C. Trueblood, 57, Fairmont, MN: 90 days in jail and 5 years’ probation after pleading guilty to possessing child pornography involving a minor. Trueblood, pastor of St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church and superintendent of the church school, was found to be using online chat rooms to solicit child porn with the username “PervyPastor.” Source: WCCO, 12-11-17

Shalom Lamm, Bloomingburg, NY: 10 months’ incarceration, 400 hours of community service and a $20,000 fine after pleading guilty to conspiring to corrupt the electoral process. Lamm, a real estate developer, was part of a scheme to sign up ineligible voters to elect a friendly government in a years-long effort to build thousands of homes for ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jews in the village. Source: The Forward, 12-8-17

Erick E. Granados-Zeledon, 39, Edgewater, MD: 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to sex abuse of a minor. Granados-Zeledon, a chaperone and bible study instructor at Iglesia Hispana Emmanuel, admitted performing sexual acts with a boy in March 2017. He is also subject to deportation to his native El Salvador. Source: Capital Gazette, 12-5-17

Civil Lawsuits Filed

Anthony S. Apuron, 72, former Catholic archbishop of Agaña, Guam, is accused in a lawsuit by his nephew of raping him in a church bathroom in 1989 or 1990. It’s the 5th sexual abuse suit filed against him. The archdiocese is currently a defendant in 96 sexual abuse suits involving Apuron, 13 priests, a Catholic school teacher, a Catholic school janitor and a Boy Scout leader. Source: Crux, 1-22-18

The Catholic Archdiocese of Portland, OR, is being sued for $29 million by 3 men alleging sexual abuse as children in the 1970s and 1980s by deceased priest Pius Brazauskas.

A newspaper feature story about Brazauskas in 1957 said children were a “special delight” to him and that he was known as “Dr. Bubblegum” because he always had gum or candy to hand out. He died in 1990 at age 84. Source: The Oregonian, 1-10-18

Ponevezh Yeshiva in Bnei Brak, Israel, 2 unidentified rabbis and an alleged sexual offender are being sued by a 19-year-old man who alleges he was abused by another student when he was 16. The rabbis are also charged criminally for failure to report the allegations.

The claim says: “Although Defendants 2 and 3 recently admitted to the plaintiff that they are aware of the danger posed by the defendant, the defendant continues to live in the yeshiva, and it is reasonable to assume that even now he continues to harm there.” Source: Arutz Sheva, 1-8-18

Lives Under Construction, a Christian residential facility for troubled boys in Lampe, MO, is being sued by 3 boys who allege they were sexually assaulted by older boys in 2009-10. The suit says the ranch ignored the abuse, delayed contacting authorities and punished some boys for reporting it.

Founder Ken Ortman was a South Dakota dairy farmer 30 years ago when he felt called by God to open the ranch. Currently it houses 18 boys who attend bible study and learn trades.

A newspaper obtained internal ranch documents that include investigative reports after a 9-year-old boy was allegedly raped by his 19-year-old roommate in 2009. The state Department of Social Services said staff members were aware of the allegations but delayed contacting authorities. Source: Macomb Daily News, 1-5-18

The Fundamentalist Mormon Church, imprisoned leader Warren Jeffs, his brothers Lyle Jeffs and Seth Jeffs and former leader Wendell Nielsen are accused of sex abuse of girls as young as 8.

“R.H.” alleges she was taken from home with a bag over her head, driven to an unknown location and abused by the Jeffs and Nielsen while others watched. R.H., now 21, alleges once she turned 14, she was forced to watch younger girls being assaulted. Plaintiff’s attorney Michael Worel believes abuses continue within the church. Source: KSTU, 12-27-17

The Catholic Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, MT, is being sued by a committee of unsecured creditors who allege over $70 million in real property and other assets should be available for creditors and survivors of sex abuse by church officials. The diocese filed for bankruptcy in March 2017. Source: Billings Gazette, 12-22-17

Grace Cathedral, a megachurch in Akron, OH, which televises the ministry of Ernest Angley, is accused of coercing Bridget Pollard, 76, to give the church $340,000 from her late husband’s pension. Pollard suffers from dementia and has a public guardian. Source: CBS Chicago, 12-19-17

Paul Pressler, 87, a former Texas Court of Appeals judge and legislator, is accused by Duane Rollins, his bible study student, of sexual abuse starting in the late 1970s and continuing for several years. It’s alleged Pressler told Rollins he was “special” and that sex, including anal penetration, was their God-sanctioned secret.

Pressler was a key player in the “conservative resurgence” of Southern Baptism in the 1970s and 1980s that aimed to oust liberals and moderates from church leadership. The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and First Baptist Church of Houston are also named as defendants. Source: Texas Tribune, 12-15-17

Civil Lawsuits Settled

The Society of St. Edmund, the Catholic Diocese of Norwich, CT, its former bishop and Sacred Heart Parish settled a suit for $900,000. Andrew Aspinwall, now 50, alleged former priest Charles Many sexually assaulted him while he was serving as an altar boy at Sacred Heart in Groton. Many was removed from parish service in 1986 and later left the priesthood. Source: Norwich Bulletin, 1-20-18

The family of deceased Catholic priest Stanley Idziak settled a sexual abuse suit for undisclosed terms. The Georgia plaintiff, now 47, will receive payment from Idziak’s estate, worth $62,000.

Multiple families have accused Idziak of abuse. The Archdiocese of Atlanta settled a 1991 suit for $500,000. He left the priesthood in 1993. On Jan. 3, 2017, he was found dead at age 82 in his apartment where he’d posted “DO NOT RESUSCITATE” signs on the walls. Source: Journal-Constitution, 1-3-18

Arnold Kelley, a retired Massachusetts Catholic priest, settled a suit for 5 figures ($10,000-$99,000) in which William Brown alleged Kelley sexually assaulted him starting when he was 10 in 1973 and continuing for 3 years.

The complaint accused Kelley of sodomizing and performing oral sex on him at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Dorchester. Kelley is now in his 80s and lives in Mary Immaculate Nursing Home in Lawrence. Source: Eagle-Tribune, 1-2-18

The Catholic Archdiocese of New York will pay 3 men $250,000 each for sexual abuse suffered at the hands of Gennaro “Jerry” Gentile, a priest who served 9 different parishes between 1970 and 2002.

Victims were between the ages of 9 and 15 and the abuse went on for at least 6 years in all 3 cases, said attorney Joe O’Connor. Complaints go as far back as 1971 but Gentile wasn’t removed until 2002 and was defrocked in 2005. Source: Times Herald-Record, 12-10-17

Legal Developments

Scott Kallal, 36, Kansas City, will go on trial on 2 counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child, a judge ruled at a preliminary hearing. The alleged victim testified that Kallal, pastor at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, fondled her breasts over her clothes twice in 2015 when she was 10.

It happened once at a graduation party and once at the parish hall gym, the girl testified. In the latter allegation, Kallal tickled her breasts, followed when she ran into a bathroom stall and carried her out to continue the touching. Source: Kansas City Star, 12-9-17


Stanley Rosenfeld, 84, former assistant principal at Salanter Akiba Riverdale Academy, Bronx, NY, is accused of molesting a student in the 1970s, said an email to parents of students at the Orthodox Jewish day school.

He was convicted in 2001 of child molestation for abusing a 12-year-old bar mitzvah student while serving as cantor of Temple Am David in Warwick, RI, and was given a suspended sentence but served 18 months in prison after violating probation. Source: JTA, 1-12-18

Antonio Marfori, St. Cloud, MN, had his named added to the Catholic Diocese of St. Cloud’s 40-person list of priests credibly accused of sexual abuse.  Marfori, placed on medical leave in 2010, was ordained in 1978.

Both alleged abuses occurred in the late 1970s while he taught at Cathedral High School, said Bishop Donald Kettler. Source: St. Cloud Times, 1-10-18

Mendel Levine, a Chabad Jewish rabbi in Nijmegen, is under investigation by the Organization of Jewish Communities in the Netherlands for alleged child sexual abuse in the U.S. Levine, in his 30s, came to the Netherlands in 2009 from Brooklyn, NY.

Brooklyn resident Meir Seewald alleges Levine molested him in 2000 at a summer camp where Levine was a counselor after he approached him “about a cut I had in my private area,” adding that Levine “then touched me there inappropriately. As well he used to walk around the mikvah (ritual bath) with my bunkmates with an erection.” Source: JTA, 1-8-18

Removed / Resigned

Peter Inzerillo, 74, a Massachusetts Catholic priest removed from ministry in 2002 for sexual assault of a 19-year-old man in 1985, has been defrocked by the Vatican at his own request. The Diocese of Worcester settled a civil suit for $300,000 in 1999 but he wasn’t criminally charged. Source: AP, 1-26-18

Thomas Joseph, parochial administrator of the Church of St. Nicholas in Carver, MN, has been suspended during an investigation of an adult woman’s claim that Joseph had sexual contact with her several times over the span of 2½ years. Source: Pioneer Press, 1-24-18

Steven (Shmuel) Krawatsky, 40, a Judaic studies teacher at Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School in Baltimore, was fired after Jewish Week published a report he allegedly molested 3 boys, ages 7 and 8, at a day camp in 2016.

Suburban Orthodox Toras Chaim, the synagogue where Krawatsky led youth programs, announced his resignation as rabbi. Maryland Child Protective Services concluded there was “a preponderance of evidence” that sexual abuse took place. Source: Times of Israel, 1-19-18

David Jost, Lumberton, NJ, resigned as pastor of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. Bishop Tracie Bartholome told parishioners: “A number of weeks ago, I was contacted by a individual with a credible complaint your pastor engaged in an inappropriate relationship with an adult married woman, a member of this congregation, who is not his wife.” Source: WTXF, 1-8-18

Andy , Memphis, TN, was put on leave as teaching pastor at Highpoint Church after admitting sexual misconduct in 1997 when he was 22 and was a youth minister at a Baptist church in Texas.

Jules Woodson detailed in a blog what she said happened after Savage parked in a wooded area when he was taking her home from church after school. She was 17: “[H]e turned the headlights off. Suddenly, Andy unzipped his jeans and pulled out his penis. He asked me to suck it. I was scared and embarrassed, but I did it. I remember feeling that this must mean that Andy loved me. He then asked me to unbutton my shirt. I did. He started touching me over my bra and then lifted my bra up and began touching my breasts.”

Christian publisher Bethany House has canceled publication of Savage’s book “The Ridiculously Good Marriage.” He and his wife have 5 children. Source: WREG, 1-6-18

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