Crankmail (March 2018)

Here are this month’s contributions to our collection of crazy correspondence, presented to you as received.

santa fe: Do you know what Santa Fe translates to? This city was built on faith. Not aitheists. Keep your business in your own state. You obviously have no regard for freedom of religion. The only reason Santa Fe is here, is becausr of the faith of our ancestors. The monument belongs in Santa Fe. The name translates to holy faith. Not aithiest disregard. — Matthew Herrera

Mind: You may be of assistance of minding your own damn business when it comes to “preaching” preserving the 1st Amendment. You preach that the Ten Commandments that are in Santa Fe and at one time Belen, NM be taken down, well, there wasn’t any complaints from ANYONE for decades. Did you hear that? NO ONE COMPLAINED! That’s until you people started going around “looking” for shit pots to stir. You are affiliated with Atheists, most likely are, but yet you go around all high and mighty like Bloomberg pushing YOUR agenda. Wait, you must also be Democrats, ah I see the similarities. You’re pushing to Preserve the First Amendment but don’t give a fuck at the right to speak our Ten Commandments. We’re not bothering anyone, so why are you going around bothering everyone else? I know why, because satan is urging you to go around like the anti-Christ doing this sort of thing. He figures you Atheists are the perfect platform for suppressing the Christian, and only the Christian religion, go fuck yourselves. — Anna Busney

Flag: You do realize your flag is just like the A for adultress which a woman was forced to wear to show her sin to the world. Too funny. Fly it with disgrace. — Dorothy DeMar

Advertisement: I heard A sample of your ad on vcy America. So you are not afraid of going to hell. I’ll be praying for you. If you die and go to hell , then later at the White Throne Judgement get thrown in the lake of fire. take all the bad things that happened to you, times 1000 and repeat daily for eternity, then you will have idea what hell is like. Just wait when the Church is taken up at the rapture. Then you will have your way for a short time , then you will have the muslims to deal with. Thik about it. — Rick Ghering

Delusion: what a delusion you are. trying to sue wh cause they believe in something higher then you all are. satan rules your house of cards — Randall Docherty

Religion: I just wanted you to know that you should be ashamed of yourselves. There is a God in Heaven, and you and everyone on this planet are spirit children of our Heavenly Father. God’s purpose for all of us on this planet is to provide a way for us to return to live with Him after this mortal life is done. We were born to die. — Russell Bender

God Bless you all: We the people would like to say God Bless all of you and your Godless ways. We support our President and Ben Carson for having prays and Bible studies in our White House. Just as Obama had his filthy Muslims and Muslims call to prayer meetings. So go defend another sexual assault predictor like you did with Bill Clinton.. God is great and good even to you all. — Jason Martinez

Reality: Why do you continue to persecute Christians? What are you so afraid of? Are you afraid of the reality that GOD is real? Are you too in love with the worldly materialism, money, greed, idolatry, lust of flesh, and/or power? If you desire to be atheist, so be it. Have you considered what happens after death if you refuse to believe in Jesus Christ? — Kevin Jepsen

Got your facts wrong: You people are bitter and ill informed at best. Try reading the constitution instead of butchering it. You all will have to answer for this one day… Weather you believe or not. Good day and GOD BLESS THE USA!!! — Jonathan Hojnicki

Prayer in school: Keep you athiest nose out of our town!!! — Mitchell Cole

I Oppose This Organization: I am 100 percent against what you stand for. My forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence; I am descended from Chief Tecumseh of the Shawnee Tribe; I am of English, German, Jewish and Native American BLOOD. My forefathers have fought in ALL the wars since America has been a nation. I WILL NEVER CEASE TO FIGHT YOU AND YOUR KIND. You will NEVER defeat us – those of us who cherish our GOD – that is, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (ISRAEL). And, YES, the Son of God, Yeshua (Jesus Christ). YOU SHALL BE DEFEATED and YOUR SAD attempt to TWIST our BLESSED Constitution has already been found to be IN ERROR. YOU nor anyone else on this Earth shall MAKE NO LAW prohibiting the free exercise of RELIGION !!! Period. So, go ahead and shut down your organization. YOU HAVE ALREADY LOST THE FIGHT !!!! STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY ON STUPID LAWSUITS !!!! — John Hinzman