In Memoriam: Atheist activist Marie Alena Castle dies at 91

FFRF Member Marie Alena Castle, 91, of Minneapolis, died May 25.

She was born Dec. 20, 1926. Marie was communications director for Atheists for Human Rights and also served as president of Minnesota Atheists for 10 years.

For her obituary in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, she wrote, “I have enjoyed being one of the luckiest people on Earth. Fate gave me a 91-year break from otherwise endless oblivion and a life filled with political skullduggery and social activism for the rights of workers, women, gays, and anti-war efforts. I built a dome home, raised five good kids, built atheist and political organizations, worked as a journalist, and wrote Divided We Fall: The Secular vs. the Sacred. None of this uphill climbing has been especially pleasant, but it has been interesting.”

Marie Alena Castle