They Said What? (January/February 2018)

Today, we no longer recognize the universal truth that God is the author of our life and liberty. Abortion, sodomy and materialism have taken the place of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. . . . We have stopped prayer in our schools. . . . We have even begun to recognize the right of a man to claim to be a woman, and vice versa. Immorality sweeps over our land.

Roy Moore, in his “campaign statement” following his election loss to Doug Jones for the open Alabama Senate seat.

ABC News, 12-13-17

I’d gladly execute a convicted adulterer, sodomite or bestialiter. Biblical law is a blessin’.

Larry Secede Kilgore, Republican challenger to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, in a tweet that has since been taken down., 12-22-17

You can stay if you want because you need it more than we do.

President Trump, telling reporters to stick around for the prayer before a cabinet meeting.

USA Today, 12-20-17

I trust in a big God. I feel like I was wildly successful. . . . I didn’t win, but I moved the debate. So I didn’t shed a tear when I left the contest because I felt like, you know, I fulfilled the calling that God gave me. So the question is, am I being called to do this now? I don’t know.

Michele Bachmann, former Congresswoman, asserting that she “was supposed to run for president” in 2012 in order to make the repeal of Obamacare the central issue of the Republican platform, and is now thinking about running for the Minnesota U.S. Senate seat vacated by Al Franken.

The Jim Bakker Show, 12-27-17

We admire him. He’s our hero. It’s like having the Stanley Cup come to your tournament. He’s so cool, so identifiable.

Angèle Regnier, co-founder of Catholic Christian Outreach, on St. Francis Xavier, whose right forearm, thought to have baptized tens of thousands of converts, will be “on tour” through Canada. He died in 1552.

CBC News, 1-3-18

The reason is God lays claim to all firsts. So when you keep for yourself something that belongs to God, you are desecrating what is to be consecrated to God.

Paula White, one of Trump’s “spiritual advisers,” who wrote on her website that followers should send her donations of up to one month’s salary, and that those who don’t could face “consequences” from God, as he demands the money as a “first fruits” offering.

Huffington Post, 1-9-18