Brent Michael Davids at FFRF convention

“I was going through old photos my grandmother had, and I found one of me at age 4,” Brent Michael Davids writes. “And amazingly, in the background, is the very field I could not reach, across the very road I was prohibited from crossing, though it’s not visible in this photo. Someone took a photo of me at the time I still had my imaginary cornstalk friend.”
Brent Michael Davids is a citizen of the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of the Mohican Nation. (Photo by Ingrid Laas)
Brent Michael Davids (Photo by Ingrid Laas)
In his speech to the FFRF convention audience, Brent Michael Davids said, “I came to realize that the church was being run by old white men in the back of the sanctuary, basically making things up as they went along.” (Photo by Ingrid Laas)