FFRF solstice greetings from around the country

Elaine Stone stands next to the Bill of Rights display sign she made by taking the image and printing it on an outdoor mesh in Walnut Creek, Calif. She writes: “FedEx/Kinko’s did a great job of reproducing it. I just wrote in permanent marker, ‘Solstice is the Reason for the Season.’ I didn’t go for an explanation of what it meant because all I cared about was that there was something there to counteract the large crèche that is there every year. I live in a senior community and the crèche and my sign are on private property. The really good news is that it hasn’t been vandalized (yet), in contrast to our previous three constructions, all of which were knocked down. It makes a real statement without being offensive. The sign has been received very well by the few I have encountered who have mentioned it.”
Dan Barker, right, is joined by other members of the Washington FFRF chapter, Unfettered Freethinkers of South Sound, which put up the sign outside the Capitol.
FFRF Member Paul Novak put up in the Iowa Capitol the Bill of Rights “nativity” display in December. The exhibit made its debut in 2016 in direct response to a nativity scene that went up for the first time in the Capitol. Among those who spoke at the nativity inaugural was then-Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, who lent an official air to the proceedings. Branstad appeared to endorse the religious exhibit by remarking, “We are especially honored and pleased to have the nativity scene here in the Capitol building.” In December, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds attended the opening ceremony of the Thomas More Society-installed nativity for its repeat run, as did a state representative. The impropriety of such piety in the heart of Iowa’s legislative body has obliged FFRF to put up its own “nativity.”
Members of the Greater Sacramento Chapter of FFRF were able to put up the “nativity” display outside the California Capitol in December for the second straight year. From left to right, chapter president Judy Saint, Kathy Johnson, Janet Thew, Karrie Lucas and John Lucas.