Photos and cartoons from January/February 2018 issue

Volunteers and Columbia Market owner Albert Choi, right, load up food for transport to food bank freezers in Hood River County, Ore., on Dec. 1, 2017. FFRF’s Portland chapter, headed by Cheryl Kolbe, granted the local food bank $1,000 worth of meat. Chapter members went on a shopping trip to Columbia Market to stock up on the requested donation of meat that will go to clients of the FISH (Friendly Instant Sympathetic Help) food bank. “It should last the food bank several months,” said Kolbe, who worked with FISH’s Martha LaMont and Choi to complete the donation, which had been approved by the FFRF Board via FFRF’s Nonbelief Relief fund. Kolbe told the Hood River News that the donation wasn’t timed for the holiday season, but rather to help people after a three-month fire that consumed 50,000 acres in Oregon and Washington. “We particularly wanted to help out as a result of the Eagle Creek fire,” Kolbe said. “We knew there are still many needs.” (Photo by Barry LaMont )
“No wedding cake for you.”
“We offered you our souls.”
Say your prayers…
“It’s against my religion.”
FFRF Staff Attorney Ryan Jayne taught constitutional law, “know your rights,” and Bill of Rights law (with emphasis on state/church separation) to five high school classes (about 150 total students) at Monroe High School in Monroe, Wis., on Jan. 4.