Julia Sweeney at FFRF convention

FFRF Honorary President Steven Pinker bends over to give Julia Sweeney a hug following Pinker’s speech at the convention on Sept. 16. (Photo by Ingrid Laas)
FFRF Legal Director Rebecca Markert, left, stands with Julia Sweeney and Julia’s daughter, Mulan, for a quick photo during the convention. (Photo by Ingrid Laas)
Julia Sweeney has been a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” and has authored several books and written and performed several one-woman monologues. (Photo by Ingrid Laas)
Julia Sweeney hams it up for the camera at FFRF’s convention. (Photo by Ingrid Laas)
Comedian and actress Julia Sweeney, an FFRF honorary director, regaled the FFRF convention audience with humorous takes on religious movies.
(Photo by Ingrid Laas)